Whitetail Deer of the Trinity River Forest in Dallas

Deer are a common sight in the more remote areas of the Trinity River south of Loop 12. They can be seen usually in the early evening on some of the game trails they frequent.

These photos were taken in the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011 in Dallas south of Loop 12

Six point whitetail buck in Great Trinity Forest near future phase III of Trinity River Trail
Whitetail deer at McCommas Bluff Preserve at the Trinity City Ghost town site

The deer in the video below were inbetween the Trinity River and McCommas Bluff. Two whitetail deer are in the video. They were chasing a doe that had crossed the same stretch of ground a minute prior. Since this is inside the city limits of Dallas and in a park the deer have no natural predators

The deer can be easy to see but quite difficult to photograph. They often move in heavy brush and you usually only get a quick glance.