Great Trinity Forest Trail, Joppa Preserve

Great Trinity Trail at River Oaks Park

The Trinity River Spine Trail is the longest paved path currently in the Great Trinity Forest. The path can be accessed in three spots:

River Oaks Park

Simpson Stuart Road

Phase I of the trail is 2.1 miles long.

Great Trinity Forest Trail Phase I

This trail is inside the Joppa Preserve, part of the Dallas County Open Space Project. Originally this land was part of the Millermore Plantation. Many of the pecan trees in the area were planted by the Miller family when it was a working farm. The original Miller cabin and the later Greek revival Millermore Mansion are now preserved at Old City Park in Dallas. The area later became known as Joppa and Floral Farms. Both were unincorporated freedman’s communities for many decades without access to running water and city services.

Miller Cabin
Millermore Mansion

The path itself is the same width as the Katy Trail in Uptown. Currently there are not any public restrooms or working water fountains along the path.
The path roughly follows the shoreline of Little Lemmon Lake and then Lemmon Lake as it winds its way towards Simpson Stuart Road. Phase I of this trail was completed in the summer of 2010. Phase II which will run down the south bank of the Trinity towards McCommas Bluff will be completed some time in 2011.
Great Trinity Forest Trail, Joppa Preserve
Little Lemmon Lake, River Oaks Park
Video of the trail from Simpson Stuart area towards River Oaks Park
Foot bridge spanning creek that separates Little Lemmon Lake and Lemmon Lake. This was the filming location for the Texas Ranger scene in the movie Bonnie and Clyde.
Little Lemmon Lake
Same spot as photo above from Bonnie and Clyde
Great Trinity Trail Bridge between Lemmon Lake and Little Lemmon Lake
Same spot as photo above filmed in 1967
Good fishing in all three lakes. There is also a population of alligators in these lakes and one should be careful walking the shoreline near dawn or dusk. As a result, there are a number of warning signs near the lakes: