Whitetail Deer In Dallas — A Cool Link To Share

What are sure to be the very best photos ever taken of whitetail deer in Dallas can be found at the DFW Urban Wildlife website run by Chris Jackson. His website to check out the deer photos can be found here:  http://dfwurbanwildlife.com/2012/05/23/mammals/white-tailed-deer-urban-wilderness/

I got to know him via email a few months ago discussing the Lake Highlands feral pig(s). Lake Highlands Feral Pig . As a result he did some really interesting documentation on the feral pig living in Lake Highlands. Check out the link above complete with video of the pig.

He has quite a bit of know how and specialized equipment for capturing photos and video of wildlife. Using automated motion sensor game cameras placed along game trails and water sources he can capture animals acting naturally.

Whitetail Buck with velvet antlers in the Great Trinity Forest May 2012– DFWURBANWILDLIFE.COM

This is part of a larger project for him in the Great Trinity Forest. Not to let the cat out of the bag but I think he is trying to get a certain animal on film down there that haunts the woods. One that is a myth, legend and rumor across much of North Texas.

Two whitetail bucks in Dallas Texas May 2012 DFWURBANWILDLIFE.COM

I doubt anyone would run across one of his cameras down there since they are so far off any beaten path frequented by man. If you do happen across one of his cameras just let them be. It’s not a poacher’s camera. Merely someone attempting something very, very cool.

I’m looking forward to updates on his website to watch these bucks grow their racks through the summer. Maybe he can come up with a population number on how many deer live in the Great Trinity Forest. I think the most I have seen in one place at one time is five.