Texas Wildflowers At McCommas Bluff Preserve Dallas, Texas

Video above features wildflowers growing along the top of McCommas Bluff, near a small chapel and a view across the Trinity River of the preserve, taken on April 9, 2011.

Small chapel among bluebonnets at McCommas Preserve

Access to the McCommas Bluff Preserve and trails have never been easier. In the week of April 3rd some mowing was done to the trail route from the terminus of Riverwood Road upstream to the Woodland Springs Creek area near the Dallas Audubon Center. This allows one to travel easily from Riverwood to Fairport road very easily. This particular trail can become quite overgrown by early May and the mowing will greatly help with keeping the trail open through Memorial Day.

More information about the location of McCommas Bluff Preserve and a trail map can be found in a previous post here:

McCommas Bluff Preserve address and information